Period, huh?

When we have our period, our emotions are completely unstable. I’m so easy to cry, laugh, angry, and also easy agitated. To be honest, I also do not agree if period is being an excuse so that others can understand us who are emotional when we have period. But qodarullah, there are hormones in the woman who makes the condition of our body changed.

Obstetrics and gynecologists say, when women have their period, the uterine wall decays make the immune system decreased, so the body tired easily and mood swing occurs. This is why a woman who have period is always more sensitive. And I am rite now. Easy to mad, easy to laugh, and easy to tears. So, I just want my bed all day long.


Today, I get my period after I’ve lunch. I have an unusual headache and stomach ache. My mood break when I see the sad thing or the disgusting thing. When I scroll my social media, I watch video when a man eat a baby mouse and I almost spew. Errggh, I think everyone will do the same. Then I see a teacher in remote school, I don’t realize that my eyes tears. Last, I laugh of everything that’s not funny. Oh God!

Maybe this is just my own suggestion. If I have my period, my emotions are unstable, and my stomach will not hurt. But if my mood is fine before period, my stomach will be pain so hard. Then if the stomach pain and mood conditions are so so, then it will be balanced. Who knows.

Image result for fatamorgana background
Ranting yang rapuh. Kayak hatiqu

And this post is typed with unstable emotions.


14 thoughts on “Period, huh?

    1. Up to you mas πŸ˜… komen boleh, ga juga gapapa hihi

      I hope so! Thank you, mas. Usually, this mood swing situation occurs 2-3 days only πŸ˜‚ hehe

  1. Yang boleh komentar “I know how it feels like” cuma perempuan ya berarti ini πŸ˜‚

    Kalau pas di hari pertama sama kedua itu lho, luar biasa rasanya, pengin ndekem aja di kasur nggak mau ngapa-ngapain wkwk. Tapi emang lucu ya kak, kalau misal ini si tamu dateng sakitnya minta ampun, kalo nggak dateng bisa divonis sakit. Serba salah πŸ˜‚

    1. Hahaha iyaa, karna lakik tida merasakan πŸ˜…

      Bangeet Jah. Jadi mager kan mau ngapa2in juga, gampang laper tp suka males makan huhu
      Haha serem atuh kalo ga dtg tamunya, apalagi kalo blm nikah (?) nyahaha

  2. Ewh makan bayi tikus? Seriously people ugh. -_-

    Aku juga klu lg tamu, suka lihat hal2 receh jd lucu haha. Biasanya pengen makan yg manis2 juga

    1. Iya Rin, aku beneran gumoh loh trs lgsg ga mood ngomong sm org jdnya 😧

      Iyaaa mood swing bgt, gampang ketawa dan gampang terharu juga. Trs kalo aku jd pengen makan segala 😞 huhu faat

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